Asha Odekar: concept art

Lagertha week || day one - favourite badass scene

Dragon Age Inquisition Multiplayer - Mage Classes (x)


Nylon X German Glamour

You look upon the world around you and you think you know it well. I have smelled it as a wolf, listened as a cat, prowled shadows that you never dreamed existed.

video games meme → [3/7] female characters; Bloody Mary (The Wolf Among Us)

do you know why they call me  B l o o d y   M a r y ?  because some of them, they think it’s funny to have their little sleepovers and go into their little bathrooms and say my name five times in the mirror. they find it less funny when I actually show up and feed their lungs to the family dog.
game of thrones meme
 → one queen/king [1/1] • Daenerys