Vikings - Season 2. One Lagertha per episode.

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The sublime and excellent ellyshepard did this commission of Jack and Shepard from Mass Effect for me, thus providing what the game did not.

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Naevia // Spartacus: blood and sand

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In the X-Men: Harbinger storyline Cyclops gets killed and all the mutants unite in peace with humanity and racism is outlawed. Now, I'm not advocating that Cyclops is the reason why humans and mutants cant get along, but that's exactly what I'm saying.

Lol seriously?  I didn’t read the Harbinger storyline, but that’s GOLD.  Can you imagine?  If the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come visited him before he died and basically shows him how awesome everything is once he kicked the bucket.  Poor Cyclops.

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Remember that time Aquaman hit it and quit it so hard with Wonder woman that she killed Aquaman's wife and started a war with Atlantis? All over his Aqua-dick.

Ahah I really do want to be mad she killed her, but it was so badass

Favorite Lena Headey Photos. (x)

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Infinite Crisis || Wonder Woman

color meme: mass effect ladies + 9 (rainbow colors); requested by couslands

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A sketch of a female human Inquisitor :D

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