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Orange is the New Black cast for Entertainment Weekly (May 2, 2014)

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She-Hulk #6!!! ;)

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The Wolf Among Us. I am compelled to sketch.

As if I need to be reminded of how much I like neon-lit fairytale noir… 

Please excuse me while I board this ship

Edit: I knew there was something missing! added bigby’s arm hairs lol


Ygritte, Cersei and Daenerys by Oneforni.

I wanted to make a huge series and call it Game of Thrones Ladies, but when finishing the third piece I realized I don’t feel like carrying on with these. So yeah, it’s more like The Three Awesome Ladies of Game of Thrones , haha!

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Everyone was asking about Kida, so here she is with bonus Pocahontas

Print available here


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I can’t believe I got addicted to that Hello Kitty song.  I’ve literally had it on repeat for the last hour.  

I just…I hate myself.

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